Klipee Testimonials

"Klipee is a fantastic multipurpose tool for the classroom.  It can be customised for individual use with a wide range of students across a range of curriculum areas. From literacy sequencing, numeracy patterning through to social skills training and emotional identification.
"Klipee is an educational tool that is not only fun and hands on, but can be individualised to each child's needs.  A trifecta when looking for learning tools in the classroom.
Elizabeth, Masters of Special Education
"I would highly recommend Klipee as an excellent learning resource for young children or children with certain additional language needs. One thing I really loved was the fact that it is a 'hands on' learning resource that is very flexible in its uses.  Klipee is of great use in early childhood education as it can be easily adapted to individual needs to get the individual outcomes you are looking to achieve.
Adelaide, Nominated Supervisor & Director Karingal Preschool
"As soon as my son got the Klipee's in his hands he was absorbed in his own world of play for an hour! Initially he was playing with his Klipee on the carpet inside the home. Then he put the Klipee's durability to the test by clipping it onto trees, the play gym they even went for an adventure down the slide. I love that it was his own creativity that was being used in these moments. Thank you Klipee!"
Alina, Nelson Bay, Australia


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