Klipee Instructions

How To Open Klipee Inserts

Thank you for purchasing your Klipee!

Here is a simple step by step on how to change the customisable inserts in your Klipee's. The clasp on the insert has been specifically designed to make it child safe.  You will need to apply your adult brain to open it : )

1. Simply push down on each side of the flexible Klipee frame and pop out the Insert window

2. To open the window, hold the window sideways, with the item facing towards you with both thumbs on the top

Hold Klipee Like This To Open

3. Apply pressure to the left and right side edges and it will pop open

Open The Klipee Insert

4. You can then change the Klipee Picture Cards to suit your individual childs needs

5. Gently push the window together and reassemble your Klipee!

 If you think a video will be a little easier to grasp, we have created a little one for you...

If you would like to get in touch with the Klipee Team, please email us.