Klipee brings learning home

Klipee - bringing learning home

Klipee Benefits of Educational Toy Australia Nelson Bay Port Stephens

Our vision is to extend a child's learning by providing educational toys that are customisable for all ages and individual needs. We are on a mission to put learning in the hands of every child in the world.

Klipee has been designed to give your child a head start by enhancing their cognitive, social, emotion and physical development. 

Often as parents and/or therapists we have to purchase several toys to get several outcomes in learn through play. What we do at Klipee is design educational toys that offer numerous learning outcomes.

Klipee provides creative learning through fun exposure to sequencing, numbers, letters and identifications - eg. animals. Klipee was designed with safety standards in mind, is BPA free, made from non toxic food grade silicone and is dishwasher friendly. 

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