About Us

It's amazing the solutions you have to come up with "on the fly" as a mum. I took my 4 year old to a Speech Therapist after he was having trouble identifying "things" around the home. We discovered he needed a different, more visual and tactile way of learning, due to a memory delay which was affecting his ability to communicate. Seeing my son's frustration - and being driven crazy by his resulting behaviour - got me thinking... I dreamed up a colourful, fun, multi-purpose toy; that kids would gravitate to, that parents could personalise and professionals could adapt to get better results for their patients.

After scribbling some notes on a scrap of paper, to meeting with an industrial designer, to getting a prototype together - Klipee has now come to life. It's been amazing to get constant feedback on the product and its possible uses - people are suggesting uses I had not even considered!

Commercialising an idea close to my heart has been a seriously steep learning curve, immersing myself in the (new to me) world of technology and business that moves as rapidly as my three children on a summers' day at the beach.

So now I sleep, breathe and dream about Klipee and all of the ways it can be used to support individuals and families. Thank you for being interested in Klipee, an educational toy that helps unlock the learning potential of children with simply engaging, interactive and customisable inserts, that develops with the child.  To stay up to date with this amazing experience, check in to my Klipee Blog page for regular updates.
Laice xo

Klipee Toy NSW Australia