Klipee Box Set

The Klipee Box Set has been designed to boost fine motor skills through the linking of the Klipee's, to create a mobile education toy that is versatile, personalised and simply engaging. Enjoy watching Klipee being used to create words, matching colours, identifying animals and their sounds.  There are so many other ways to use Klipee - visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for more ideas :)

Within your Box Set you will receive six Klipee's - 2 x Cool Grey, 2 x Bay Turquoise, 2 x Sunshine Yellow and our Animals & Sounds 30 Picture Card Pack.

"Essentially Klipee can be used both to educate and as a tactile reward to reinforce learning.  Rewarding behaviour activates dopaminergic neurone in the ventral segmental area of the brain and this has been demonstrated to reinforce learning" Michelle Toppazzini, Behavioural Therapist and Diagnostic Assistant